Big Bang Market

With a clear intention of giving visibility to the current net of business of the Canary Islands, specially Gran Canaria, we have created the Big Bang Vintage Market, a connected brand of the Big Bang International Festival, a cultural event for the whole family.

As the main activity, instead of gigs, workshops, exhibitions, products placements.etc… We count with a huge market where we visibilize the brands and enterprises projects which has a quality proposal and is consistent with the event theme.

Antiques, collectionism, recycling, secondhand and of course, the support to the first commodities sector are the main pillars of our events, a bet on sustainability and KM0 products.

Do you want to set up your stand in our Markets?

If you want visibility for your brand or fashion project, compliments, tattoos, classic motors, furniture, kids decor...

If you have albums, books, comics, antiques, collectionist objects or second hand stuff…

Si tus productos son de reciclaje, reutilizados o ayudan a reducir.

If they are related to 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s music, art, fashion or culture...

We are waiting for you! 
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