Equality and gender parity

One of the main objectives of this festival has been always to promote visibilization of women in culture and to fight against discrimination.

In every performance, art exhibition and even in the hiring process of the staff, we offer a balance on male and female workers according to the national Laws and Reglaments of Gender Parity.

We also planned an offer of information stands and dynamic workshops directed by ONGs who acknowledge the public to be concerned about this fight.

Any festival must add its own support to this cause in order to preserve an equal future for women and men.

Young values

We have provided a programmation with an equal offer of men and women. We also have another achievement of promoting New Values of the current cultural scene from the Canary Islands.

We take a look at what 's been made along the year in the islands, we search for them and we try our best to include them in our schedule.

We have set deals between any Arts Schools so their alums and the New Values, have their own space in the programmation.
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