The International Big Bang Vintage Festival is positioned as one of the first festivals celebrated in Gran Canaria where taking care of the environment is crucial and one of the main pillars of the event.

Music is one of the main stars to promote environmentally friendly and sustainability of the planet Earth and to report climate change.

The waste removal, afforestation projects or supportive popular initiatives are some of the actions which will try to introduce to “concern people '' so we can “share the message” to society in general and “to create a deep change” in people’s mentality.

As an important part of this plan we will count with Reusable Cups and Tote Bags while shopping in the Vintage Market.

We are added to the initiative Cada Vaso Suma (Each Cup Matters).
Its main objective is to preserve our environment by making each official cup of the Festival or any past edition reusable. You can also use any other reusable cup from other festivals.

The cup left or any other which may be returned will be recycled for following editions of the fest. Making this we try to minimize the plastic impact on the environment.


The headquarters of the event is one of the first points in order to achieve an environmentally-friendly festival.

That’s why we have chosen the best places of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria due their accessibility on public transport, connecting strategic points between the Airport and all the Councils of Gran Canaria with the Bus Stations of San Telmo’s Park in Triana’s Zone or Santa Catalina’s Park.

This premeditated election reduces drastically the number of vehicles needed to assist the event and minimizes the CO2’s emissions.


Supportive and dedicated to those who need more help in our society. We perform specific actions related to hiring groups of people in risk of exclusion.
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